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THE FRONTIER LAB employs cutting-edge marketing research methodologies to elicit key insights about how ideas are interacting with today's culture. A selection of our research is included below:

The New American Working Class: The Unifying Nature of Work in America

While a “collar” indicates the type of work being done, examining the attitudes behind the meaning of work offers more salient insights into how Americans’ work relates to their view of themselves, their country,  and the undocumented way Americans are connected across our surface-level divisions. 

How can the science of values research help understand how Americans are relating to the Black Lives Matter movement?

Freedom Buzz: How Terms Describing the First Amendment Have Different Meanings

Across the ideological spectrum, The Frontier Lab research found that most Americans consider themselves to support freedom. This report examines why different definitions of freedom and its manifestations have led to a false sense of common culture regarding freedom and the First Amendment.

Switching Behavior: Modeling Disaffiliation by Republicans from the label "Republican"

What drives disaffiliation from the political label "Republican" by those who have at one time used this to describe themselves? By modeling the environment surrounding the critical incident of disaffiliation, The Frontier Lab constructs a framework for understanding and predicting this behavior.

Watching You: Private Giving and the First Amendment

What deep, underlying values explain why some Americans support private giving and others support donor disclosure? How does Freedom of Speech function with regards to "dark money," and how should we understand this connection?

Occupy Wall Street: Short-Selling America?

Research by The Frontier Lab reveals two segments of Occupy protesters as identified through deep values research: the Communitarians and the Professionals, and explores their unique emotional connections to the mass movement.

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